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Carl Timoleon von Neff
Carl Timoleon von Neff, also Timofey Andreyevich Neff, was born at a manor house in Neu-Isenhof (Püssi), in the Governorate of Estonia of the Russian Empire (now Estonia). He began his artistic studies in Estonia and furthered his education at the Academy of Arts in Dresden, Germany. After graduating in 1825, he divided his time between Estonia, Italy, and Saint Petersburg. In Saint Petersburg, he gained recognition for his portrait of the daughters of Emperor Nicholas I, which led to commissions from the court and high society. Neff received prestigious assignments both in Russia and abroad and was honored with orders, titles, and advisory roles in the art world. His contributions to the embellishment of churches earned him acclaim, and he became a member of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts. Neff's achievements allowed him to construct an Italianate manor house in Muuga, Estonia, to house his personal art collection.
The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).