VR Application

Although metaverse has many facets, wearing a Virtual Reality Headset is the best way to experience it to the fullest.

While wearing a VR Headset, users are in the same virtual environment as they would be on the website, but virtual reality offers an engaging experience of total immersion in the metaverse, providing a closer look at artistic creations.

Users can hold any items in a virtual space (which is not allowed in a real museum) or get up close to unique paintings, so close that they can see the texture of each touch of the genius's brush.

MalovMeta.Art Digital Museum presents a free VR app MalovMetaArt Metaverse. Just put on your preferred VR headset and deep dive into the boundless Metaverse of World Art.

You can download free VR MalovMetaArt Metaverse Application on Steam Store

Download free VR MalovMetaArt Metaverse Application on Steam.