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Filipp Malyavin

Filipp Malyavin was a renowned Russian painter. His early passion for icons led him to study iconography at St. Panteleimon monastery on Mount Athos. Recognizing his talent, sculptor Vladimir Beklemishev brought him to St. Petersburg and prepared him for admission to the Academy of Arts. Malyavin excelled in his studies and exhibited his works widely. After completing his education, Malyavin settled in Ryazan province, where he established his own workshop. His vibrant works were displayed at prestigious exhibitions in Berlin, Munich, Rome, and Venice.

Known for his captivating depictions of women in traditional attire, Malyavin's notable works include "Whirlwind" (1906), "Peasant Girl" (1899), "Baba" (1904), and "Two Women" (1905). His skillful portraits, like "Portrait of Niki" and "Family Portrait," showcased his artistic vision. Malyavin's painting style was influenced by artists such as Benard and Zorn.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).