Inna Akvilonova
Inna Akvilonova

Inna Akvilonova, a skilled artist specializing in applied art and the delicate craft of porcelain painting, was also an esteemed member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Hailing from the vibrant city of Leningrad, she embarked on her artistic journey by enrolling at the renowned Higher Art and Industrial College, where she diligently honed her skills from 1949 to 1956.

Starting from 1956, Inna Akvilonova directed her creative energies toward the prestigious Leningrad Porcelain Factory. It was within these walls that she deftly employed a masterful blend of both overglaze and underglaze porcelain painting techniques, resulting in the creation of captivating artworks that continue to resonate.

Inna Akvilonova's contributions have etched an enduring mark on the annals of Russian porcelain art. While discussing her engagement with porcelain, she eloquently conveyed her belief that the material's delicate nature enables the nuanced portrayal of emotions in a poetic and expressive fashion. She underscored the profound synergy achieved when combining porcelain's form with the art of underglaze painting, which she felt truly encapsulated its essence. Additionally, she held a particular fondness for the interplay between underglaze and smear overglaze techniques, considering the smear not as a mere finishing touch, but as a conduit for evoking vivid and quivering emotions.

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