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Mikhail Mokh

Mikhail Mokh, born in Brest-Litovsk, Volyn province, received his primary art education at a school in Pavlovsk near Leningrad. After graduating in 1929, he studied porcelain painting. He began working at Leningrad Porcelain Factory in 1929. Mokh focused on Soviet East in his artworks, showcasing his mastery of color graphic miniatures on porcelain. He also expressed interest in propaganda porcelain painting, creating pieces like the dish with the inscription "There is no knowledge without a book" and the sets "Metal," "15 years of October," and "May 1st." He adapted his painting style to suit the stencil technique with an airbrush, which facilitated the mass replication of porcelain.

From 1941 to 1948, Mokh engaged in restoration work at the State Hermitage Museum and book design. He returned to Leningrad Porcelain Factory in 1953, eventually becoming the chief artist in 1954. 

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).