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Natalya Danko

Natalya Danko was a prominent Soviet sculptor-ceramist who created over 300 sculptures, including thematic, satirical, portrait, and decorative pieces, using porcelain, bronze, terracotta, wax, and earthenware. She was also one of the first Soviet sculptors to use porcelain in architecture.

Danko began her artistic education at the Stroganov Art College in Moscow and studied in various private studios in Vilna and St. Petersburg. She worked in the sculpture workshop of the Imperial Porcelain Factory in Petrograd and became the head of the sculptural department in 1919. Her most famous works include the Red Army soldier, The Sailor, and The Fortune-Teller. Danko's sister, Elena Danko, painted many of her early works.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).