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Nikolay Okolovich

Nikolai Okolovich was a renowned painter and conservator. After completing his education at the Odessa Theological Seminary in 1887, Okolovich pursued his passion for art, enrolling at the Odessa Art School of Drawing and later joining the landscape class of the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.

Despite struggling with poor health throughout his life, Okolovich made significant contributions to the art world. He participated in archaeological expeditions to Palestine in 1891 and exhibited his works at various prestigious exhibitions. In 1901, he graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts, receiving acclaim for his painting "Moonlight Evening." Okolovich played an active role in art societies and became a founding member of the New Society of Artists.

From 1909 to 1912, Okolovich worked in Penza, assessing art collections and teaching at the Penza Drawing School. He later served as the curator of the Russian Museum (Alexander III Museum) until his passing. Despite his professional commitments, Okolovich continued his artistic pursuits and took part in exhibitions, including the notable "Sixteen" exhibition in 1922.

Nikolay Okolovich passed away on April 20, 1928 in Leningrad, leaving behind a rich artistic heritage and a lasting impact on the art community.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).