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Victor Bobrov

Victor Bobrov was an artist known for his proficiency in painting, graphic arts, and sculpture. He commenced his artistic journey in 1860 at the Imperial Academy of Arts, amassing acclaim with five silver medals for his academic achievements. By 1868, Bobrov attained the esteemed title of class artist of the 1st degree, solidifying his standing.

One of his notable works is a portrait of Professor A. Krasovsky, which elevated him to the rank of academician. Bobrov's creations found a platform at esteemed exhibitions organized by the Academy of Arts, the Society of Russian Watercolorists, and the Association of Wanderers.

In 1875, Bobrov ventured into metal engraving, drawing inspiration from the techniques of Ivan Shishkin. While his portfolio spanned diverse themes and genres, portraiture was where Victor Bobrov truly excelled. His collection, comprising around one hundred and thirty engraved portraits, paid homage to eminent figures in Russian science and culture, many of whom were his contemporaries. Some sheets featured intricate "notes" in the margins, adding a unique value to the engravings.

The Krasnoyarsk Art Museum, named after Vasily Surikov, proudly houses thirteen engraved portraits by Victor Bobrov, acquired in 1960 from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Notably, seven of these portraits underwent meticulous restoration in the museum's own workshop.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).