Vladimir Gorodetskii
Vladimir Gorodetskii

Vladimir Gorodetsky is an outstanding porcelain artist, recognized both in the USSR and internationally. Starting his career at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory after the war, Gorodetsky quickly rose to the position of chief artist. Studying under masters such as Nikolay Suetin and Alexandra Shchekatikhina-Pototskaya, he refined his craft, focusing on underglaze painting and reviving Russian decorative traditions.

His works, including the famous vases "Moscow" and "250 Years of Leningrad", as well as the tea set "Flowers of the North", reflect his unique approach to porcelain, blending realism with abstraction. Gorodetsky is also known for his decorative plates, especially the "Rose" model, where he explored plant motifs in combination with abstract art. For his contribution to the development of decorative and applied arts, he was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR named after Ilya Repin.

Gorodetsky left a significant legacy, inspiring future generations of artists to explore the boundaries of their creativity. His works continue to adorn both museum and private collections, bearing witness to his unquenchable pursuit of beauty and harmony.

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