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Yuly Klever
Yuly Klever, a landscape painter born in 1850, initially studied architecture but soon switched to landscape painting. After leaving the Imperial Academy of Arts, he honed his talent by working from nature without the guidance of mentors. His skill and dedication earned him recognition, including the titles of class artist of the 1st degree, academician, and professor. Klever's paintings draw inspiration from the Baltic region, his homeland, depicting the melancholic atmosphere of autumn, as well as the vibrant colors of sunny winter sunsets and sunrises. While some of his works showcase a meticulous approach, displaying beauty, strength, harmony, and truthful colors, others appear hurried and repetitive, lacking in color balance and brushwork. The most successful period of Klever's career is considered to be between 1875 and 1885. Notable paintings include "Forest in Autumn," "Winter," "The Road over the Swamp," "View of Nargen Island," "Yellow Leaves," "Little Red Riding Hood in the Forest," "Swamp," and "On the Roots," among others, with some housed in prestigious galleries and private collections.
The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).