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Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva
Anna Ostroumova, later known as Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva, was born in Saint Petersburg. She married Sergei Lebedev in 1905. She was one of the first women to study at the Imperial Academy of Arts, where she trained under Ilya Repin. Additionally, she studied in Paris and worked with James Abbott McNeill Whistler. After graduating in 1900, she specialized in graphics and joined the World of Art group. She created woodcuts of Saint Petersburg cityscapes and illustrated books. Ostroumova-Lebedeva became a professor at the Leningrad School of Painting, Architecture, and Sculpture in 1934. She endured the Siege of Leningrad but later lost her sight. She passed away in 1955, leaving behind a remarkable collection of cityscape artwork depicting Saint Petersburg and European cities.
The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).