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Petr Konchalovsky

Petr Konchalovsky was a famous artist born in Slavyansk, Ukraine, to a revolutionary father who was exiled to the Arkhangelsk province. The family later moved to Kharkiv where Konchalovsky studied at school and at a private art school of Raevskaya. In the early 90s, he moved to Moscow to continue his art education and studied at the Stroganov Art School and Moscow University. He went to Paris in 1897 where he studied at Julien's private art Academy for two winters, confirming his desire to become an artist. After returning to Russia, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1907. Konchalovsky was closely connected with the "World of Art" and became interested in impressionism. With great pleasure, he recreated his vision of the world in colors, betraying both the physical properties of objects and all shades of color.

In 1910, Konchalovsky traveled to Italy and Spain with his father-in-law Surikov where he created a "Spanish cycle" "Bull Lover" in which he acted as a primitivist. Konchalovsky was one of the organizers of the artistic association "Jack of Diamonds" in 1910 and turned mainly to still life. He was often reproached for apolitical adherence to "pure art." However, in the post-October years, he created landscapes and portraits that were amazing in terms of artistic expressiveness, and even Soviet critics appreciated them. Konchalovsky devoted many years to teaching and was a professor of painting. He died in 1956 and was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).