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Eva Kordes

Eva Kordes was a renowned artist specializing in porcelain and enamel, with a particular talent for miniaturist creations. Her artistic journey began at the Central Technical School, where she earned the title of scientist draftswoman. As a scholarship recipient from TSUTR, Eva was sent to France, where she worked as a skilled draughtswoman in the prestigious factories of Sevres and Limoges. Upon her return to St. Petersburg, she actively participated in exhibitions held by prominent art societies, including the Imperial Society of Russian Watercolorists and the Association of Independents, showcasing her remarkable talent between 1911 and 1914.

Eva's dedication led her to work at the renowned Imperial Porcelain Factory, where she collaborated with esteemed artists such as Marta Raphael, Martos Musselius, and Clara Zeidler. Together, they specialized in drawing exquisite compositions featuring floral elements, as well as creating beautiful painted vases and intricate Easter eggs. Following the revolution, Eva briefly served as the head of the Museum of the Porcelain Factory. In 1922, she made the decision to emigrate, eventually settling in Paris during the vibrant 1920s. There, she revived her drawing studio in collaboration with M. Raphael. In the 1930s, Eva further expanded her artistic horizons, finding inspiration and opportunities to create in the enchanting city of Prague.

Throughout her life, Eva Kordes left an indelible mark on the world of porcelain and enamel art, with her remarkable talent and unique artistic vision captivating audiences and leaving a lasting legacy.

The artist's portrait was reconstructed using Artificial Intelligence (AI).